West Coast Premier of SEEN / BY EVERYONE - Oct. 5!

Five on a Match, creators of the original East Coast premier of SEEN / BY EVERYONE, have teamed up with Theatre of Yugen in San Francisco to infuse into their play, a lived exploration of grief in the age of social media, a physicality and tone of Japanese Kyogen dance and gestures of Shiori kata, ritualistic mourning. The result is an even more stark experience of the humor and pain in mourning across social platforms, of the crassness and the intimacy too.

NOH Space: 2840 Mariposa St., San Francisco (just around he corner from Z Space, and probably other spaces).

$15 valid Student ID,
$35 General,
$45 VIP special seating & complimentary drinks all night.

Industry Night OCTOBER 4th (ask for Promo Code for FREE Industry Tickets)!

Box Office & Information:
(415) 621-0507 | boxoffice@theatreofyugen.org | www.theatreofyugen.org/seen-by-everyone/

Theatre of Yugen  | San Francisco, CA | October 5 - 21, 2018

FIVE ON A MATCH is delighted to announce the West Coast Premiere of SEEN / BY EVERYONE. In the wake of our New York production, we went back to the drawing board and rewrote and reconfigured. In this iteration, Theatre of Yugen's Artistic Director Nick Ishimaru layers in traditional Noh theater movement and gesture to stunning effect.  Much has changed, but the core exploration is the same: what does it mean to live, die, grieve, and keep living in the era of over-sharing... info@fiveonamatch.com

KQED Reviews Anton's Well's Production of 4.48 PSYCHOSIS

KQED Review Photo



"I'm dying for one who doesn't care.
I'm dying for one who doesn't know."
The form of formal thought won't dare
To visit this fragmented show.

In the softness of my sight
All powers born for me and mine
Snatch at night for broken rights
And hold to hope on dotted lines.

And I will walk them, counting cures,
And I might live to see love's whites, 
And I will shake from all of yours,
Through luna days and mona lights.

But count to four and count some more,
Lose the pictured Juliet.
And "watch me vanish" well before
"My love" I knew but never met.

Thank You Bay Area for a Rich Opening Weekend!

4.48 PSYCHOSIS opened to two sold out crowds and a rich variety of feedback (and the production team welcomed all of it).

Opening weekend audience member: 

"[...] there were certain lines and moments about relationships and love (or the lack of) that really spoke to me. Above all else, I admire the strength (both physical and mental) that was carried throughout the performance. [...] The emotions portrayed by all of the characters pulled the audience in, as if we’re witnessing their demise right in front of our eyes." (A. Cheung)

Please join us Friday July 27th through Sunday July 29th, or Thursday August 2nd through Sunday August 5th (8pm or Sun. 7pm).

Tickets and Info.:  www.AntonsWell.com

Sarah Kane's final 4.48 PSYCHOSIS

Anton's Well Theater in Berkeley is braving a three-women interpretation of Sarah Kane's last play, 4.48 PSYCHOSIS, featuring choreography by returning company member Bridgette Loriaux.

Anton's Well Poster.jpg

Anton’s Well Theater Company
Psychosis 4.48 by Sarah Kane
Directed by Robert Estes
Choreographed by Bridgette Loriaux
Featuring: Jody Christian, Adrian Deane, & Anastasia Barron
Opening Friday, 7.20.2018 @ Temescal Arts Center in Berkeley, CA



I’m hunting for a house to fill my rooms with jewels and memories, a product proof of thorough life through sturdiness of centuries. 
And so I met a new group tucked inside a brand new set of walls, and too soon I began to fall and came to call them hope.

I crashed against their floors and threw wide open all their locked up doors and broke in two their decorations with my loving roar.
I knew they'd meet my passion in the carving of our names, all as one, in every corner, fought and won. They’d feel the same.

So, I gave an inch of mind on the cemetery line that was drawn out by a woman we all came apart to know. 
And I’ve often been inclined toward the silent, strong, and kind, but in speaking sometimes find I’ve been given leave to go.
Yes, in speaking sometimes see that a box is made for me in this house I’d meant to be my sanctuary. But no.

I’m looking for a perfect house, affordable and small, one with bed and bath and spouse or any ghost of love at all. 
I’m looking for familiars in echoes of my former years, for perfect is that broken chair, those cowboy doors, that creaky stair,
And every room of strangers bares my burden-need, uncovers wares and windows they cannot repair and I barely recall.

Source: https://www.facebook.com/antonswelltheater...

A Christmas Carol set in Meiji Restoration

AUGUST 2018 UPDATE: LINK TO FULL SHOW RUN: https://youtu.be/HuLS2xwG5Q0 

Theatre of Yugen brings back A Noh Christmas Carol through December 24th.

ADRIAN DEANE is the three Spirits, played in three traditional styles of Kyogen, Kabuki, and Noh.  

Something in Noh Seasons

There is something in the Spring that sets the sugar softly free.
There is something singing sweetness through the pink and cherry trees
Every note is moving colors, every gesture gains a world;
In the language of our story, every syllable unfurls.

There is something in the Summer, lounging loosely in the sun.
Do not speak to him of time; 50 minutes stretched and spun.
And above the hour struck by spirits harkening a doom,
Still each second must make mountains of each meaning they consume.

There is something in the Fall and she will never be ignored.
In the victories of former seasons, now withdrawal restores.
And all the moments rushed on past are lost and feeling real.
Stages set in boxes work to shed light, force reveal.

There is something in the Winter that excuses things of love
That have hitherto belonged to sentimental-psycho doves. 
And if her want succeeds and joins community, one room,
Know the work has just begun as love is seasonless in bloom.

Tickets and Press available here:  http://www.theatreofyugen.org/christmascarol/

Angel Street (Gaslight) led by Adrian Deane

UPDATE:  Angel Street (Gaslight) Nominated for a TBA Award!

See all the links to Bay Area reviews and praise:


"As Mrs. M., Adrian Deane is a revelation of realistic portrayal. Her maddened state is a painfully truthful representation of a mind under siege, never trusting itself, and completely controlled by a stronger will." 



"Adrian Deane radiates fearful anxiety under meek reserve as Bella Manningham."



"Adrian Deane captures both Mrs. Manningham’s fragility and strength in a stirring performance."



Adrian Deane (Mrs. Bella Manningham): "Without the sinister husband, or the extensive tea set, I am Bella, a woman who wants to be loved and be known, who is learning all the ways those two wants can get tangled up. Gaslight was introduced to me early on as one of a genre of films that presents a woman who is unknown both to her partner, whose love for her is more important than herself, and also therefore to herself. Bella's desire to be loved, or rather, her fear of losing love, threatens to blind her from everything she knows is true, about herself even. And although I'm not fighting for my life with a disarmingly charming detective in a shady Victorian house, I am on the same journey as Bella: of discovering the courage to declare and know myself. Whiskey may assist."

Adrian Deane (Mrs. Manningham) is mad with love for Role Players and the opportunity to help finish building Bella's Angel Street home with Alan, Dorian, Jeanette, and Jess. She is grateful to these cast mates for encouraging her to light up the stage with them, and to her director, Chloe, for knowing how to encourage just a little more darkness. Wildest thanks are for her parents for indoctrinating her into literature of unknown women, for her sister, Alex, for the best education on true love's crazy, and for Maggie the cat for teaching her that a little cuckoo gets a lot of scratches and a lot of scratches can raise a little cuckoo. 

She Knows

She knows not what she knows she knows but thinking makes it so. 
She strives to speak the language of her Love: the honest show.
Her words once learned and counted in first measured audio
Do tell the tale of choose-your-own but still find: Friend or Foe.

She knows not what she knows she knows but speaking makes it so. 
Yet give her just one echo of her tone from cast tableau,
Found free in bouncy beaux and cheery chat of social throws,
And suddenly she hears her voice translate into shadow.

She knows not what she knows she knows but sharing makes it so. 
Alone can hold the hearing truth for just so long below—
But second her and overrule insanity’s plateau.
Reiterate her, justify, Her Other Auto-Bio.

She knows not what she knows without her solitude in tow. 
To meet the world with words is to be met right back with woe. 
What game is this long lesson of whose lingua lasts and grows?
Her thought-idiolect won’t hold alone the love she knows.

Short-Lived Pre-Finals, Olympians 2017, and It Stays Between Us

Full Reading Now Available Online:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Rdj23guQbU 

BASTET by Alan Coyne
Directed by Alejandro Torres
Staged Reading on October 5, 2017 at the EXIT Theatre

Adrian Deane (Mata Hari)
Vince Faso (The Man)
Ashley Gennarelli (The Narrator)

Bastet 1.jpg

Breach Once More presents

It Stays Between Us by Sarah Kronish

ISBU .jpg
It Stays Between Us.jpg

My heart is full. Thank you Adrian DeaneAlan Coyne, and Samantha Raslerfor bringing my story alive. I hold an abundance of gratitude for your talented, thoughtful, and collaborative spirits!  Thank you, Steve Bologna and the Breach Once More team for giving me a platform.  Thank you to all who came out to support, offer your thoughtful feedback, and share this experience.


San Francisco's Short-Lived 2017 Competition begins (pre-'Keane & Doyle are Spies'):

Selfies, short-cuts, suicide? 
Will you marry me?
Musical chair-bench-jazzercise,
Poopy parents...KITTY!
Contractor for current times,
Contact improv too,
"Will you join us," Short-Lived cried!
The winner's up to YOU!


Tonight, she is winged, she is diapered, haloed, jaded. 
Tonight, she is widow child, daughter, sister sated. 
Tonight, she is short, but oh the lives that waited
Until tonight, too nigh the plight 'for she is liberated.

Keane & Doyle are Spies at PianoFight!

"Keane and Doyle are Spies" (by Alan Coyne) has made it to the finals on August 3rd-5th at PianoFight in San Francisco!  Come at 7pm on any/all days to watch the top 8 short plays of all 6 rounds compete for the $5,000 Zendesk prize! (And vote for Keane and Doyle, of course.)

Keane & Doyle are Spies

Okie dokie, here's the trick:
This journey's juggled just a lick
Too much of greatness, grandest fun
To hold the number to 6 who've won.
So 8 they are, and Thor will see...
The dozen bakers, batched baby,
The pointed peaks and giant bees,
The magic turned at bus stops, please! 
The quested games from human need,
The needed dancing, sexy freed!
And spies that in their own world breathe
Will fight for life, short but ivory!



ShortLived is the nation's largest, audience-judged theater competition, PianoFight's ShortLived, returns with 36 short plays, all scored by the audience, and $5,000 on the line for the winning team.

DETAILS HERE:  https://www.facebook.com/events/1603912002952947/

TICKETS HERE:  https://www.eventbrite.com/e/pianofights-shortlived-vi-finals-tickets-36162454876?aff=efbevent


Sheridan's THE RIVALS in Half Moon Bay

Robert Pickett directs Richard Brinsley Sheridan's "The Rivals" at Coastal Rep. this Spring!

Half Moon Bay, CA.  Running through April 15, 2017

Adrian Deane is Julia Melville in the 2017 production of the 1775 publication.

Charley's Aunt '66 at Douglas Morrisson Theatre Wraps with a TBA Rec!


Adrian Deane is Ela Delahay in Scott Munson's adaptation of Brandon Thomas' "Charley's Aunt '66"

PianoFight's "The Last Christmas" Closes December 23rd!

The Last Christmas:  A Comedy w/ Music and Fighting!

Adrian Deane & Joanna Kay are the PARIS-SITES!  a.k.a. The Enforcers! 

Enforcer: 1) a physically intimidating or willingly belligerent player who is counted on to retaliate when rough tactics are used by the opposing team 2) Adrian... Deane and Joanna Kay in The Last Christmas: A Holiday Action-Musicall - opens Thursday - tix avail @ http://bit.ly/2g1ZBy0 - use discount code "Facebook" for $10 off your ticket for opening weekend... or else!

From writer Daniel Heath and director Christy Crowley, the folks who brought you FORKING! and A Merry FORKING! Christmas, comes an all new holiday action-musical, The Last Christmas. When oil companies threaten to drill in the North Pole, Santa embarks on a mission to save his workshop and Christmas. Teaming up with an idealistic street musician, her ass-kicking sister, and Jesus, this unlikely quartet enters a battle of the bands with a grand prize big enough to buy Santa's workshop AND the North Pole. But with the oil companies tilting the scales, an evil contest host, and a young pop princess primed to win, can Santa and his rag tag crew rescue the holidays?

Every 28 Hours Invited to Theatre Bay Area Awards 2016

In light of the 2016 political climate, Theatre Bay Area decided to change things a bit for this year's awards show:

Chinaka Hodge and Reggie D. White hosted the Awards Celebration, directed by Rebecca Novick. The evening’s entertainment included select performances from Bay Area Children’s Theatre, Berkeley Playhouse, Lamplighter Music Theatre, and San Francisco Mime Troupe.

The evening also included a special performance from The Every 28 Hours Plays: a collection of one-minute plays inspired by the #BlackLivesMatter Movement, created and produced by Claudia Alick of the Oregon Shakespeare Festival (OSF), Dominic D’Andrea of The One-Minute Play Festival (1MPF), with participation of theater artists around the country; produced by FaultLine Theater in collaboration with A.C.T., Berkeley Repertory Theatre, Campo Santo, Crowded Fire Theater and Lorraine Hansberry Theatre.

In Fake Space, No One Can Hear You Scream...For Ice Cream!

Barry Eitel and Rose Oser reunite with Adrian Deane for Faultline Theater's "The Ice Cream Sandwich Incident."


Reviews and Features:

San Francisco Chronicle does a feature! -- http://www.sfchronicle.com/performance/article/FaultLine-mixes-outer-space-ice-cream-and-ballet-9132720.php

Somewhere SF waxes lyrical about ICSI -- http://www.somewheresf.com/2016/08/

Theatre Bay Area's Editors' Pick! -- http://www.theatrebayarea.org/news/news.asp?id=301847

Theatre Arts Daily's promotion -- https://theatreartsdaily.wordpress.com/2016/08/09/review-the-ice-cream-sandwich-incident-presented-by-faultline-theatre/

SF Gate has humor for Faultline ==http://www.sfgate.com/performance/article/FaultLine-mixes-outer-space-ice-cream-and-ballet-9132720.php?cmpid=fb-desktop