Helen Opens to Reviews

HELEN Moves into Its Second Week!

And we have Reviews and Production Photos by Devlin Shand Photography!


Charles Lewis III of The Thinking Man’s Idiot writes, “[W]e follow Helen (played admirably by Adrian Deane, star of two of the best shows that I saw last year) through her routine of killing flies (a nod to Emily Dickinson?), changing her dress, and making herself up in the mirror […].” Dream Girl: ‘Helen’ at Theatre of Yugen

Christine Okon of Theater And Such writes, “As Helen, Adrian Deane navigates moments from selfish obliviousness to the shaky self-doubt that can lead to change.” What Would Helen Do

Rachel Norby of Theatrius writes, “Helen (talented Adrian Deane), the most beautiful woman in the world, has been living in a hotel room in Egypt for 17 years. Like Rapunzel in her tower, Helen is waiting for someone—her husband Menelaus (captivating Steven Flores)—to rescue her.” ‘Helen’ Delves into Illusions of Beauty & War, at Yugen, S.F.

George Powell of For All Events writes, “[…] she deals with her enduring fame, […] At the same time […] feels caught in an information vacuum, unsure the seemingly endless war is actually over and unable to find out any substantive news on TV. […] These emotions are skillfully and convincingly portrayed by Adrian Deane as Helen […].” Thought-Provoking ‘Helen’ Delights Audiences at Theatre of Yugen

Jean Schiffman of San Francisco Examiner writes, “Adrian Deane is a graceful Helen, easily negotiating the play’s comedy as well as its quieter, deeply felt moments.” Theatre of Yugen’s ‘Helen’ Offers Funny, Feminist Perspective

Lily Janiak’s blurb in The SF Chronicle: ‘Helen’