Opening and Gala Glows with Photos and First Reviews

Lily Janiak from the San Francisco Chronicle Zeroes in on Adrian Deane’s Work as Jane Wilde!

"Jane must perform a series of unenviable tasks. She has to maintain a fervent curiosity when her interlocutors seem like they’d be just as content whether she kept talking to them or not, and when they display not a fraction of the interest in her work — medieval Spanish poetry — that she has in theirs. She has to get insecure and defensive about the value of the arts as compared with the value of science. And she has to become the good woman whose love, faith and strength, the play implies, propels a man to greatness.

Yet Deane does exquisite work with these thankless chores, elevating Jane to not just a three-dimensional character, but one of molten complexity. Deane has the power of transforming her expression completely without visibly moving a single facial muscle. It’s as if clouds of rage, hope, gratitude and genuine curiosity keep silently storming through, for an instant inflaming her eyes and flushing her cheeks, then ceding ground to the next passing weather system.

Jane and Stephen close

Victor Cordell from For All Events:  ‘A Time for Hawking’.

"But Stephen’s alluring nemesis is Jane, played with stunning authority by a wonderful Adrian Deane. Proper and imperious, she is the immovable object that challenges Stephen’s beliefs. As a Spanish literature student, intellectually strong and undaunted by the scientists, she represents the perspective of the humanities. She asserts her own world view with confidence and questions what Stephen and Jayant accept as the truth and beauty of cosmology."

“While the conversations drive forward the relationships of the three, more importantly, they are used to expound upon a number of the most important theories and theorists of physics. Surprisingly, their talk also touches on the topics of Indian religion and philosophy and Spanish poetry, as well as the concepts of learning, reconciliation of contradiction, and truth.”

Charles Kruger from Theatrestorm:  ‘A Time for Hawking’ Presented by Indra’s Net Theater.

"Indra’s Net Theater specializes in plays about science, usually original work, often from the hand of playwright/director Bruce Coughran. They consistently offer some of the best and most intellectually challenging theatre to be found in the Bay Area, and “A Time for Hawking” is no exception."

“Playwright/director Bruce Coughran combines a poet’s gift for language with the insight of a scientist and the instincts of a showman. It is a tremendous trifecta, well displayed in this production.”

Jane & Jayant

Indra's Net Theater presents A TIME FOR HAWKING, a new play written & directed by Bruce Coughran.

December 20, 2018 through January 13, 2019.

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