Short-Lived Pre-Finals, Olympians 2017, and It Stays Between Us

BASTET by Alan Coyne
Directed by Alejandro Torres
Staged Reading on October 5, 2017 at the EXIT Theatre

Adrian Deane (Mata Hari)
Vince Faso (The Man)
Ashley Gennarelli (The Narrator)

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Breach Once More presents

It Stays Between Us by Sarah Kronish

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My heart is full. Thank you Adrian DeaneAlan Coyne, and Samantha Raslerfor bringing my story alive. I hold an abundance of gratitude for your talented, thoughtful, and collaborative spirits!  Thank you, Steve Bologna and the Breach Once More team for giving me a platform.  Thank you to all who came out to support, offer your thoughtful feedback, and share this experience.


San Francisco's Short-Lived 2017 Competition begins (pre-'Keane & Doyle are Spies'):

Selfies, short-cuts, suicide? 
Will you marry me?
Musical chair-bench-jazzercise,
Poopy parents...KITTY!
Contractor for current times,
Contact improv too,
"Will you join us," Short-Lived cried!
The winner's up to YOU!


Tonight, she is winged, she is diapered, haloed, jaded. 
Tonight, she is widow child, daughter, sister sated. 
Tonight, she is short, but oh the lives that waited
Until tonight, too nigh the plight 'for she is liberated.