A Christmas Carol set in Meiji Restoration

AUGUST 2018 UPDATE: LINK TO FULL SHOW RUN: https://youtu.be/HuLS2xwG5Q0 

Theatre of Yugen brings back A Noh Christmas Carol through December 24th.

ADRIAN DEANE is the three Spirits, played in three traditional styles of Kyogen, Kabuki, and Noh.  

Something in Noh Seasons

There is something in the Spring that sets the sugar softly free.
There is something singing sweetness through the pink and cherry trees
Every note is moving colors, every gesture gains a world;
In the language of our story, every syllable unfurls.

There is something in the Summer, lounging loosely in the sun.
Do not speak to him of time; 50 minutes stretched and spun.
And above the hour struck by spirits harkening a doom,
Still each second must make mountains of each meaning they consume.

There is something in the Fall and she will never be ignored.
In the victories of former seasons, now withdrawal restores.
And all the moments rushed on past are lost and feeling real.
Stages set in boxes work to shed light, force reveal.

There is something in the Winter that excuses things of love
That have hitherto belonged to sentimental-psycho doves. 
And if her want succeeds and joins community, one room,
Know the work has just begun as love is seasonless in bloom.

Tickets and Press available here:  http://www.theatreofyugen.org/christmascarol/