PianoFight's "The Last Christmas" Closes December 23rd!

The Last Christmas:  A Comedy w/ Music and Fighting!

Adrian Deane & Joanna Kay are the PARIS-SITES!  a.k.a. The Enforcers! 

Enforcer: 1) a physically intimidating or willingly belligerent player who is counted on to retaliate when rough tactics are used by the opposing team 2) Adrian... Deane and Joanna Kay in The Last Christmas: A Holiday Action-Musicall - opens Thursday - tix avail @ http://bit.ly/2g1ZBy0 - use discount code "Facebook" for $10 off your ticket for opening weekend... or else!

From writer Daniel Heath and director Christy Crowley, the folks who brought you FORKING! and A Merry FORKING! Christmas, comes an all new holiday action-musical, The Last Christmas. When oil companies threaten to drill in the North Pole, Santa embarks on a mission to save his workshop and Christmas. Teaming up with an idealistic street musician, her ass-kicking sister, and Jesus, this unlikely quartet enters a battle of the bands with a grand prize big enough to buy Santa's workshop AND the North Pole. But with the oil companies tilting the scales, an evil contest host, and a young pop princess primed to win, can Santa and his rag tag crew rescue the holidays?